Website for StartUps – The affordable and professional way

Nowadays an effective web presence is a vital marketing tool and setting up a website is a key step in starting a new business.

Based on the nature of you business and your actual needs, the initial cost of starting a new business website can be horrendous.  In general speaking having a website is not only about getting it designed and leaving it alone. You need to pay for your domains, pay for the hosting, for the  dedicated IP address, SSL certificate and maintenance work. Sometimes it needs minor modifications or may need some changing to the text or images. Or if there is a technical issue in the background you need to get someone to sort it out for you and these all costs a lot of time. Any as we all know: Time is money!

We really wanted to come up with something that can help new business starters to forget about the hassle of the technical jargon or ordering different services from providers they haven’t even heard of. This process can be not just costful but annoying for someone who already has enough in the head in terms of business starting. After some brainstorming we came up with an idea of an all-inclusive website package for startups.

It includes all the bits and pieces of planning, designing, programming, hosting, domain registering, creating backups and web mastering for a fairly small initial cost and a very affordable monthly charge without signing long term contracts with us. Online order is also available to make the process faster.

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